How you can pray for me during Run Across Haiti

I shared a few months ago about how I’m running across Haiti with Team Tassy. I’ve run 2 marathons and 2 ultra marathons (longer than 26.2 miles) but this trip lies completely outside of my comfort zone. 100-mile weeks have been known to mess runners up, let alone a 230-mile week. If I said I’m not nervous, it’d be a lie.!If you pray, I’ve compiled a list of ways that you can pray for me and the team while we’re on the ground. I’ve also linked to our week schedule and our daily agenda (link), so you can get an idea of what we’re up against. As always, I’m so grateful for your support!

2015 Haiti-012


2/19  Peace and Rest. Travel day, and the day before we start running. I’ll be anxious and probably won’t sleep well this night.

2/20, 30 miles. Assurance and Protection. First day of running. Assurance that God will see me through to the end. Protection. “lots of voodoo up the mountain”

2/21, 13 miles. Boldness and Community.  Boldness in Christ, and community amongst the crew. 

2/22, 18 miles. Thankfulness and Strength. “Be thankful always” was my mantra last year. I’m guessing we’ll be feeling the toll of 61 miles at this point, with many more miles to go. This day is half uphill, half downhill. Both can mess your legs up pretty bad.

2/23, 35 miles. Encouragement. First 30+ day since 2/20. I know we’ll be worn out by the preceding mileage and the heat. Pray that I will be encouraged by God and encourage others on the team.

2/24, 20 miles. Wisdom. Wisdom in the stories I tell (I’ll be blogging), and wisdom for how I’m running. Not much shade on this stretch.

2/25, 29 miles. Wonder and Safety. We’ll be running along the coast. Wonder at Creation. Safety. It will get busy when we get to Port Au Prince

2/26, 0 miles! Recovery, community, strength for the next day.

2/27, 56 miles. JOY. My mantra for 2016 is “find your joy”. That will be hard on the last and longest day. There will be so much joy at that finish line!

If you feel like financially supporting Team Tassy’s mission to end poverty in Haiti through dignified jobs, you can do so here (link).

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